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What should you know about SEO before Investing in It

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique which is used to make your website rank higher in the search engines like Google , Leaning .Yahoo, and Bing etc. Websites appear in the search as keywords type in by the searchers or customers for their query in the search engines. On the basis of their relevance ,more relevant sites appear first in the search engines and then others(less relevant).Mission of search engines: web searchers are free to use any of the many available search engines to find what they are seeking , so the burden on the search engines to develop a relevant, fast and fresh search experience


Why people search on search engines

  • To resolve their query.
  • They search for the kLeaning.
  • People search for the products and services which can be you (your Business).
  • Search is a major source of valuable and targeted traffic.
  • Google is dominant search players in the most world markets.
  • Search covers all types of markets.


Seo planning: customizing your SEO strategy or earn significant

  • Search engines now drive large volumes of highly targeted traffic from people.
  • Business ca earn significant revenues by giving quality and relevance content to this traffic for direct sales.
  • Seo is highly depended upon both content creation and SEO strategy.
  • Strategic goals for visibility(Branding) ,website traffic.
  • Every SEO strategy should be customized
  • Understanding search engine traffic and visitors intent.
  • Develop a SEO plan prior to site development