EduChanger Benefits

 It reduces paper work in school.

 Approx. 40% Cost Saving.

 Save 80% Time in Examination

 Helps to get fees on time, send SMS notification to defaulters automatically.

 Due / Non Due Fees Report in Single Click.

 Maintains all information of every student.

 Regular keep in touch with the parents.

 Parents become more responsible as they get regular update about the child.

 Parents take more attention towards child.

 Students become more regular as parents are informed on their absence and performance.

EduChanger Overview

EduChanger provides a separate URL (Link) and Mobile App in Google Play Store.

 EduChanger is an online ERP software & Mobile App for School Management.

 It is built to enhance staff’s and student’s performance and hence to improve the overall performance of the school.

 It is a source to be ahead in education by technologies.

 It automates all possible tasks of school for smooth running their day to day activities and provides accurate information as required.

 It works as interactive medium among students, parents & school administration.

 It provides full control to manage students fees.

 It provides various reports of students to show Due / Non dueFees. Reports can be generated Student-Wise, Class-Wise, Section-Wise etc.

 It sends the SMS to parents & admin while payment is received.

About Teacher MobileApp

 Teachers can mark students attendance through mobile app.

 Teacher can send SMS / message to parents or other staff members.

 Techers can see all detail of students of his class e.g. Exam, Result, Special Functions, Holidays, Homework, Transport, Library etc.

About Parent MobileApp

 It provides information to parents through SMS & Mobile App automatically e.g. Attendances, Fee Status, Due Fee Notification, Student Attendances, Exam, Result, Special Functions, Holidays, Homework.

 Parents can find their children performance online or in mobile app instead visiting to school.

 Parents can talk privately with teacher or principal through mobile app.

Services & Support

We ensure you for best service & support in India.
If you are facing issue, you can get support round the clock (24 * 7).

Migration from existing software to EduChanger

If you are using any school software, we will migrate all data from your existing software to EduChanger.

Our Price

We ensure you for best price in India. Just call @ 8476 00 4605 for best price.

Data Security

We provide you 100% data security. Your data will be safe and secure with EduChanger.

Payment Schedule

Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly